Thousands of Quincy kids from around the city grew up attending teen dances at The Woodward School, the city’s very own private girls college preparatory school right in Quincy Center.

The Woodward dances disappeared over the years, but the memories remain. You probably had that very first slow dance with that special someone right here at The Woodward School! So we’re bringing the Woodward dance back, this time as an all-schools reunion for alumni of Quincy High, North Quincy High and The Woodward School.

This 1980s-themed dance will feature all the classic Big 80s songs and plenty of dancing in the Woodward gymnasium, an outdoor tent for more mingling with plenty of old friends, plus beer & wine.

The Woodward Dance takes place Saturday, Nov. 19 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at The Woodward School, 1102 Hancock St.

Tickets to the Alumni Week in Quincy Woodward Dance will sell out! Purchase your tickets now and don’t miss this great new Quincy tradition. Money raised from the dance will benefit programs at The Woodward School.